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June 14th and June 15th, 2024

7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Hunters Glen Park

1340 Independence Blvd, Missouri City, TX 77489

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FOOD TRUCK PRICES: $250.00               

Plus $25.00 Clean-up deposit (Deposit return within three (3) business days after approved site inspection)


BOOTH PRICES: $200.00 (Includes one (1) 10 X 10 Area, a 6’ table and two chairs) Vendor space availability, food items

and site selection is determined by order of payment:


BOOTH RENTAL FEE  $200.00                                                  


1. GENERATORS/STOVES (portable) that use charcoal, propane or butane may or may not be allowed in certain cities and if allowed, may require a permit. For permit information or to arrange to have an electrical/propane hook up to your booth, contact the Vendor Coordinator at (281) 545-5009 Ext. 700.

2. AREA SIZE:  10"x10"‐ Vendors will be provided booths/tents, if requested.

Vendor requests for tent, table & 2 chairs cost is $50.00. Fee must be paid prior to event to avoid late fees.

3. FOOD VENDORS:  Food booths are limited, and applications are selected on a first‐come/first‐serve basis.

a)  Types of food sold must be listed on the application and approved by EVENT Vendor Manager.

b)  For “Exclusive” Product Display Opportunities:, contact (281) 545-5009 ext.700. 

c) You must purchase a health permit and be aware that Health Codes may

require flooring for your booth. The form can be found on online at: - Under Services ‐> Forms ‐> Health Inspections ‐> Application for Temporary Health Permit

d)  As per EVENT and/or City Ordinances, there will be no products in glass containers sold at the EVENT.

e)  As per City Ordinances, all food vendors cooking with electric, charcoal, or gas, must have a fire extinguisher

(Rated 2‐A: 10‐B: C or better) with current inspection sticker.

4. APPLIES TO ALL VENDORS: Vendors May Not sell alcoholic beverages of any kind, these rights are reserved options for the MCJCF; if you are found selling these products, they will be confiscated pending further investigation. Any money paid will be forfeited and you will be removed from the EVENT grounds immediately.

5. Sales Tax must be included on all items sold. It is the vendor's responsibility to collect and pay these Taxes.

a)  Only items listed on this vendor application, and approved by the MCJCF

may be sold. Vendors caught breaching this contract will be removed.

b)  Vendors shall display: a current occupational license or health permit with valid signature, a list of food products and prices, vendor’s name and phone number. All licenses and permits shall be visible and clean.

6. DAY OF EVENT: VENDORS ARE NOT to set up or bring vehicles and merchandise onto the EVENT grounds until Fees are paid ‐ NO EXCEPTIONS. Booth location is determined by payment order.

a)  VEHICLES: For placement, vendors should arrive between 3-5 p.m. Failure to appear on time will cause DELAYS in setting up your booth.  No vehicles may park on grassy areas!  Vendors must park in designated vendor parking areas.

b)  WASTE DISPOSAL: It is the sole responsibility of each vendor to keep his/her vending stall and the surrounding area clean. Vendors are required to bring their own garbage/receptacles and garbage bags. There will be no dumping of coals on the EVENT grounds. Food vendors are responsible for removing this waste from the EVENT grounds. Failure to abide by Waste Disposal Guidelines will forfeit their cleaning deposit and jeopardize their participation in future events.

*** No Payments are refundable within 48 Hours of the Event/s ***


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The Missouri City Juneteenth

Celebration Foundation

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Missouri City, Texas 77489

Phone: (832) 820-3616

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call (832) 820-3616 

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Missouri City Juneteenth Celebration Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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